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Wakesurfer Buyer's Guide



First and foremost wakesurfing must only be done behind a boat designed for this sport.  Inboard boats and V-Drive boats are designed for wakesurfing because the prop is underneath the boat.  You should never wakesurf behind a boat that has the prop exposed to the rider, such as an Outboard or an Outdrive!



Unlike wakeboarding the size of the wakesurfer is not always decided by the size of the rider.  Two other factors come into play right away, the ability level of the rider and the size of the wake you are riding on.  Yes bigger riders will tend to ride bigger boards especially if they are riding on a small wake, but really anyone should be able to ride any size wakesurfer. 

If you are a beginner it is easier to get up with a bigger size wakesurfer and to ride it for a sustained ride.  Smaller wakes respond better to bigger wakesurfers since there is more surface area for the wake to push.  As you gain experience on your board you will want to go to some of the smaller sizes so that you can maneuver better and begin doing tricks, 180’s, 360’s etc.  The smaller boards are much easier to cut with and do any kind of tricking with.

We have found a whole range of wakesurfers that work well for beginners and bigger guys who are riding.  A few of them are listed here:

Hyperlite  Landlock

Hyperlite Broadcast

CWB  Ride

Ronix Marsh Mellow

O’Brien Nalu


We have found that many of our customers who are beginners have really enjoyed how these boards ride.  Just remember the smaller the wake and the bigger the person riding, longer will be better.


If you have a boat which throws a really large wake you will not necessarily need to go with the longer wakesurfer to get a good ride even as a beginner.  The size of this larger wake makes it easier to push the wakesurfer forward so even a bigger person can get started on a smaller size wake surfer.


The smaller the wakesurfer is, the easier it will be to manipulate it in and out of the wake as you are cruising, and it will be easier to do tricks with.  Lighter wakesurfers are also easier to maneuver also.



Surf Style– Surf Shapes are smooth carving rides.  Almost always these boards have rounded edges which make them ease into a turn and ride like a traditional surfboard.  Larger riders find these boards easier to ride because they have the weight to initiate the turns.  Smaller riders and beginners like these wakesurfers because they ease them into the turn.  Made to be the easy turning freeride boards we all can enjoy!

Skim Style – Skim shapes have sharper edges and carve quickly into the turns.  Designed to release quickly for spins and arials.  If you are looking for that quick slashing ride you will want to go with the skim style wakesurfers.  Sometimes it takes a little practice to get used to the fast moving, slashing action.  A great ride for doing tricks and moving back and forth quickly on the wake.

Crossover Style – Crossover is the best of both worlds.  Usually these boards do have a rounded edge but not as much as what you find with a Surf Style wakesurfer.  That allows these boards to move into the turn a little faster than the traditional surf style, yet not as edgy as the skim style boards.



Soft Top Boards – These are built similar to fiberglass boards but have a soft exterior.  Light weight and durable, these boards look like a plasticized foam, but are of a much better construction.  These boards will not chip out or damage the back of your boat.  With a hard smooth bottom and a Skim Style edge you can’t believe how well these ride.


Fiberglass Boards – Built with a machined foam core, wrapped in a fiberglass, then covered with an epoxy resin which is vacuumed out to remove any excess resin.  This makes these wakesurfers lightweight yet extremely durable.


Specialized Cores – Honeycomb, Technora, Hex Shell, Dura-Shell, Carbon Fiber, E-Glass, every manufacturer has a specialized construction process to make wakesurfers lighter and stronger for better responsiveness off of the wake.  Each of these processes has its own merits and results in wakesurfers that are much lighter.


The information included here is meant for informative purposes to aid you in making a decision of the right wakesurfer for you.  You need to decide which board will work best for your individual situation.  If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call us or email us so that we may assist you in narrowing down your decision.  

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